Sex in Asia # Iira


Name: Iira
Age: 18 years old
Work: Hotel reception
Height: She does not know her height (pretty small)
Boobs: B cup
Boyfriend: None
Number of boyfriend in her past: 3 people
Number of experienced sex: She forgot
Tattoo: A little
Stretch mark: None
Pubic hair: Shaved a little

She is a young and pretty girl, completely amateur.

Just because I had a camera, she seemed pretty nervous, just kissing her, ‘Kiss me! Is it? ‘It was like a reaction.
Many people in the Philippines are bright and open personality, but she is different.
Following the last Kyliee, she is a front hook bra. Is the front hook the major in the Philippines?
Her skin is beautiful as she is young.
At the time of cunnilingus, she grabbed my hair strongly and it hurt, but I endured it.
She says “Ticklish” at the end of the cunniling.

I felt that I was not getting along well, so I asked if she needed a condom .
Then it is necessary, it is sex with a condom.
Also, she said that you should not take a video at close, but I ignored it.

It was hard to put it in tightly. I managed it somehow.
She was not used to sex so much, so it seemed that she was not good at the cowgirl position.
The end is shoot on her stomach.


  • Serial Number:020
  • Release Date:2017-03-21
  • Actor:Iira
  • Movie Duration:33 min.