Sex in Asia #Tip

Child:She said ‘No’
Boobs:C or D cup

She is pudgy.
Sometimes She is cute.
She said ‘Put a condom’ many times, so this time No creampie.

I took her clothes off, she is pudgy…
She told me that she has no children, but I wannna doubt…
Probably she has.
However, I didn’t ask her anymore.I’m gentle.

She doesn’t like cunnilings or blowjob.
I didn’t do both.

I put a condom and insert.
Her reaction was different from a young girl.
It’s good.
And I tried using a small toy.
The reaction is good!
The toy is amazing!
I dontinued it I could make her go went!

At the end I shot her stomach.

It was a valuable sex that I can recognize the power of the toy.
I’ll Try using it at different opportunities.

・Serial number:031

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